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Working on the Global Goals Together

The Impact Network Connecting the stakeholders

Creating solutions that deliver positive impact.

Collaboration – we do more than just talk about it 

Supporting economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity

connecting the Circular Economy with the Sustainable Development Goals

Take a look at how we are implementing the SDGs in our work:

Circular Regions

platform for dynamic mapping of Circular Economy initiatives in regions connecting bottom-up and top-down initiatives

Social equity

a network of social enterprise experts and NGOs working in conjunction with industry, public entities and community organisations


solutions for a wellbeing economy, putting people and the planet first

Lifelong Learning

resources for all levels and stakeholders from educational modules to data visualisation

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

industrial symbiosis supported by expert knowledge in Materials, Energy & Technology

Libraries of Things

reducing socio-economic pressure on individuals and families supporting access over ownership


multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral partnerships for projects and organisations linking local and global networks


supporting Product-as-a-Service business models, B2B sharing networks, and employee lending libraries 


open source mapping of Circular Economy policies ranging from municipal to nationals levels

Implementable solutions for Cities, Regions, Industry and NGOs

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Connecting stakeholders to develop projects that deliver impact

Take a look at some of our featured projects:

Circular Economy Policy Map
an open source mapping of Circular Economy policies ranging from local to national in scope and a range of sectorial focal points
Locals.Global, MINDesign, SmartUse, Science & Solutions
Circular Oslo - Circular Regions
A platform for promoting a multi-stakeholder collaborative environment to accelerate the transition toward a Circular Oslo Region.
City of Oslo, Smartuse, Locals.Global, MINDesign, Circular Ways
Partnership methodology
An open source methodology for multi-stakeholder/cross-sectoral partnerships including tools for partnership assessments, establishing a shared vision of success, accounting for resources and more.
MINDesign, Locals.Global

If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner to collaborate on a project, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Take a look at our eco-system to get a better understanding of the projects we create, and the stakeholders we connect